What we are looking for

The Queens Technology Academy at The Austin Space is a unique and rewarding educational experience that focuses on education outside of the traditional classes and/or day jobs.

The Queens Technology Academy aims to provide students a well-rounded opportunity to become web developers and mobile developers.  Our programs cover a lot from the ground up - starting from the fundamentals to building your own websites and apps.  The programs all maintain a low student to instructor ratio to ensure a productive and hands-on learning environment.

Our program's admission process is all centered around ensuring you are prepared to succeed in and out of the academy. Candidates are evaluated based on their abilities to solve problems, motivation to learn, and ability to collaborate.


The Process

Ready to get started?

The Queens Technology Academy has a rolling admission process.

The process for joining the Queens Technology Academy begins online. You will fill out the form below, specifying which track you'd like to enroll in, and we will typically get back to you within 1 week. Once initial processing of your application has been completed, we will send you an online assessment regarding your previous coding experience, skill level, and a code challenge. Depending on the outcome of that assessment, we will schedule an in person interview, at The Austin Space, in Queens to learn more about you. Following that in person interview, we will deliver you, via email, an admission decision with the clear next steps.

Full Tuition: $3,000