A new way to learn

We realize that you do not need to quit your job or take time off from school to learn a new skill. Most of our previous students have full-time jobs or classes but want to learn a new skill. Take a look at what some of our former students have to say:

Kevin E.
Mobile Development Course

The iOS mobile development course at The Queens Tech Academy is an amazing course for those who want to learn to build iOS apps in 12 weeks. Benny, our iOS instructor, puts so much time and effort into making sure all the lessons are clear to the students. He is always available to answer my questions whenever I get stuck or want more clarification on a topic. In addition, he went the extra mile to go over algorithm interview problems and job application process on the last day.

Tracy C.
Mobile Development Course

I took the part-time iOS mobile development course in the spring and had a great experience. As someone who was possibly exploring a career change, it was important for me to have flexibility since I was working full-time. Benny, the instructor of the course, is also incredibly talented and invested in his students. Not only does he have a knack for explaining complex ideas in easily understandable terms, he will go the extra mile of making sure you understand any topics if you originally had not. Whether you are considering a career change or simply want to build apps for fun, I’d highly encourage you check out and sign up for the the mobile development course!


Pan L.
Mobile Development Course

I took Benny’s iOS development course this past Spring. The course itself is really flexible (it’s on weekends) and easy going. On the first day of class, Benny went over the course syllabus with me and modified the program to meet my level, as I was not a beginner like other students. I definitely recommend taking iOS development course over the other bootcamps available especially if you live in Queens area. Benny’s course also prepared me for the real world of software engineering jobs, covering all of the tools and techniques that is used on the job. By the end of the course, I was successfully able to release my own apps in the iOS AppStore. Happy student here!

Jason B.
Mobile Development Course

I took a class at the Austin Space this past fall and all I can say is that this space is AMAZING. In addition to being in a super trendy area and being an immaculate space, the teacher Benny Tan is outstanding. I was enrolled in his iOS Development course, and he was a fantastic teacher and mentor. I walked into the class with not that much coding experience, and within 3 short months now find myself able to program full, complex iOS apps. His class was engaging and he was able to simplify concepts into digestible bits of information that I could practice and master on my own time. He made me feel very comfortable, always asking me if I had any questions to ensure I was on pace with the curriculum. He was also diligent, organized, and ensured we covered every bit of material listed on the course syllabus. I would HIGHLY recommend any class taught at the Austin Space. I'd sign up for a course if you haven't done so already.


Alvin N.
Mobile Development Course

The iOS course offered at The Austin Space is a great jumpstart to learning to program! I had no coding experience prior to this class and instantly picked it up thanks to the instructor!  He is very engaging and makes sure all the students are up to date and understands the materials.  The classes are kept small to ensure a low instructor to student ratio which is awesome.  I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to build some apps!

Chelly P.
Web Development Course

I took the Web Development course through The Austin Space with Donnie D'Amato and thoroughly enjoyed this class. I had ZERO knowledge going in; I just knew I wanted to give myself a chance to learn something challenging. Since completing this course, I can't say enough good things about it (along with the instructor and the space itself)! We had a small class, so Donnie was able to spend a lot of time answering our questions. He was patient with me, posed challenging problems and showed us useful tips/tricks beyond the basics of our curriculum. Because this is a 12-week course, there's a lot of info to process - you must stay on top of your studies or you'll risk falling behind. At the same time, because we only met on the weekends, this schedule worked well with my full-time job. The space is clean, quiet and cozy. Benny, the owner, also sat with us to go over Git at the end. The Austin Space will occasionally host Meetups, which are a great addition to the class - keep an eye out for those. Overall, this was the perfect start to my programming journey!